Digital Collaboration Platform for Samajwadi Party and Members
The Samajwadi party is a political organization which needed 'Real-time digital experience' for their members or volunteers by providing in-app member engagement. Simple to use, it is an app that helps online registration of new volunteers, reach the existing members effortlessly and to remain on top of the news. The solution required to be built on cross-platform technology and provide hassle-free operations, scalability and flexibility as the party grew. Apart from delivering a unified experience, the app has to be versatile to provide effective members management and live news feeds and event updates.



Engaging with your members is now easy! This app not only meets the party requirements but is also interactive, innovative and easy to navigate.


Intuitive design makes the app lighter to use and the agile methodology makes the app run faster on any device taking less time to load, log in, register or read news.

Support & Updates

A cross platform application supporting iOS and Android OS. Updates latest news quickly and also categorizes them into trending or latest. Also supports relevant push notifications and elegant swiping.


The app is safe for your smartphones and is bug free. You can trust the partners with your private details as the app has high security features to protect your data

User Experience & Design

Responsive | Agile | Streamlined Communication | Holistic approach.
A slick, responsive mobile application that emphasizes Samajwadi Party’s position is a strong and leading political party. The operations were digitally transformed with this mobile application while keeping the clients requirements in mind. Main focus were on the points: creating intuitive user-journeys, easy navigation points, visually appealing to the core members, and online registration system that was well integrated with external management tools.

The Result

After putting vigorous efforts, Krenovate was successful to build an amazing application with all the virtues and features required by the client. This application can be demonstrated to be one of the major platforms for getting connected with party members digitally and will bring a digital transformation in the political world. At Krenovate, our cutting-edge development service comes with an adherence to delivering bespoke mobile applications within allotted time and budget without compromising on the quality. Benefits to the Party:
Better transparency between party and its members, Easy management and installation, Members get live daily event updates.