Sara abode is a distributor which aims to provide eco-friendly and luxurious quality materials to build your abode.They cover the entire range of building activities and related services under one roof. They wanted a platform which is attractive in appearance and reflects elegance and luxury as well as better layout to accentuate their content and high-quality pictures. They wanted to create a site that makes them stand out amongst their peers and convert visitors into customers. Their website was simply a medium for them to promote Sara abode as one of the finest and reliable providers of high-quality structures and building materials.



The website had interactive content management system to help staff manage the entire website


With clear categories, bold pictures and descriptive content the site was easy to navigate accentuating the user experience


The white color of the website enhanced the look of the website clearly highlighting the pictures and the content


SEO friendly content to take care of the visitors and increase the traffic

User Experience & Design

While working for Sara abode our main focus was to make the content for the site more cohesive and making the material categories more visually appealing and intuitive. Together we came up with a firm overall experience in exploring and presenting the catalog, clear pictures of the house and made the site easy to navigate. What they wanted in a site was to reflect elegance and luxury in the look and feel and thus we turned their plethora of photos and material catalog into powerful visual story telling through strong content.

The Result

Through systematic strategic planning and design, Krenovate was able to stand up to the customer’s requirements by creating a website that was both functional and memorable. Main focus was given to the display and the layout of the products making the navigation easy. A lot of white space was kept in the website to properly highlight their rich photographs and to allow their content to breathe and speak for itself. The new website was able to feature the classiness and extravagance of the brand enticing the user to gradually navigate through the site at a leisurely pace.